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Patrons of Honour

of the "SONATA" Bogumił Łepecki Warsaw Symphony Orchestra


  Jozef Glemp   Stanislaw Wielgusz   Leszek Sławoj Głódz  

His Eminence Cardinal
Józef Glemp
Primate of Poland


His Excellency Professor
Stanisław Wielgus, Ph.D.
The Bishop of Płock


His Excellency the Archbishop
Leszek Sławoj Głódź, Ph.D.
Brigadier General
Field Bishop of the Polish Army

  Ryszard Kaczyński   Jerzy Buzek   Jacek Saryusz-Wolski  

Ryszard Kaczorowski
of the Republic of Poland in exile


Prime Minister
of the Republic of Poland
Professor Jerzy Buzek


Vice President
of the European Parliament
Jacek Saryusz-Wolski, Ph.D.

  Maciej Płażynski   Radoslaw Sikorski   Ryszard Schnepf  

Marshal of the Sejm
of the Republic of Poland
Maciej Płażyński


Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs
of the Republic of Poland
Radosław Sikorski

  Ryszard Schnepf
Ambassador of the Republic
of Poland
In Costa Rica, Panama,
Nicaragua, Honduras,
El Salvador, Belize and Guatemala
  Gabriel Beszłej   Andrzej Zoll   Norman Davis  
  Gabriel Beszłej
Ambassador of the Republic
of Poland in Mexico
  Ombudsman of the Republic
of Poland
Professor Andrzej Zoll, Ph.D.
  Professor Norman Davis
University of Oxford
  Wojciech Roszkowski   Marek Drozdowski   Stanislaw Karolkiewicz  
  Member of the European Parliament
Professor Wojciech Roszkowski, Ph.D.
  Professor Marian Marek Drozdowski, Ph.D.
  President of the Worldwide Association of Polish Home Army Soldiers
Lieutenant Colonel
Stanisław Karolkiewicz
  Wojciech Kozak   Ludwik Węgrzyn   Ryszard Pacłwaski  
  Chairman of the Council of the Capital City of Warsaw
Wojciech Kozak
  President of the Association of Polish Counties
Ludwik Węgrzyn
of the Polish Television
Ryszard Pacławski
  Lech Isakiewicz    Reklama obchodów_1   Krzysztof Kwiatkowski  
  Chairman of the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw
Lech Isakiewicz
   Promotion of the anniversary celebrations

  Vice-President of the City of Zgierz
Krzysztof Kwiatkowski

On behalf of all musicians of the "Sonata" Bogumił Łepecki Warsaw Symphony Orchestra as well as on my own behalf, I would like to express my most sincere gratitude to all of the eminent personages who have been so kind as to become our patrons of honour, led by His Eminence Cardinal Józef Glemp, the Primate of Poland.
It has been a great honour and pleasure for us all to be able to perform our music under such illustrious Honorary Patronage.

Marking the twentieth anniversary of the educational and artistic activities of our orchestra, the year of anniversary celebrations formed a perfect opportunity for the Orchestra to present nearly 60 works by Polish classical composers (including composers of patriotic works) to both our Polish and international listeners, thereby not only expressing the devotion to our Nation, but also paying a clear homage to the magnificent achievements of Polish composers.

I therefore ask that you accept our gratitude – expressed as aforesaid – for supporting our National Culture and Heritage by sponsoring the "Sonata" Bogumił Łepecki Warsaw Symphony Orchestra between 1984 and 2004, and once again present my sincere thanks to all Government and Local Government Institutions, State Corporations and Enterprises, Private Companies as well as the Media, both state-owned and private.


President of the Foundation Management Board
Managing Director of
the „Sonata" Bogumił Łepecki Warsaw Symphony Orchestra


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